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Entertaining Young Children

4 Ways To Use Fireworks On Christmas Day

Rhonda Gardner

When Christmas Day arrives, it is often full of celebration, happiness, and fun traditions. One new tradition you can add to your celebration is fireworks. Setting off fireworks is exciting at any time, but on Christmas Day, you have the opportunity to light up the sky with some purposeful traditions.

Check out four ways to use fireworks on Christmas Day. When the holiday arrives, you can try out some of the options and see which ideas turn into new family traditions, though you should check whether fireworks are allowed in your area before you set any off.

1. A Christmas Surprise

Whether it's a new car, a bike, or a basketball hoop, celebrate outdoor gifts with a fireworks presentation. Have a person cover their eyes, take them outside, and then light a firework right as they open their eyes. The firework will launch up behind the gift and create a fun visual spectacle to go along with the gift.

The fireworks can add more fanfare than an oversized bow and create a memorable way to present some of the bigger surprises. Along with airborne fireworks, consider colorful fountains or sparklers that emit showers of colors and sparks.

2. Christmas Soundtrack Celebration

Use a digital music service to create a fun playlist of all your favorite Christmas songs. Then on Christmas night, you can play the songs on a portable speaker and listen to the music as fireworks blast off in the night sky. The combination of music and fireworks is an ideal way to cap off the holiday.

When you shop for fireworks, look for designs in common Christmas colors like red and green. Also, look for longer fireworks so they will last longer through specific sections of songs.

3. A Sparkling Christmas Dessert

Christmas dinner is a common tradition in many homes, and you can add a festive touch to your dessert with some sparklers. Standard sparklers work well on a dessert, but you can also shop for colored sparklers to use with the dessert. A single sparkler works well when lit on the top of a cake or pie.

4. A Thank You To Santa Claus

For children who love to celebrate Santa Claus, you can create a new tradition that launches high enough for the North Pole to see. Shop for aerial sparklers and fireworks that launch high up in the sky. Tell children that you are launching the fireworks so Santa Claus can see them from the North Pole and understands the thank you message.

The fireworks are a great way for a child to show some appreciation and feel a little extra connection to the magic of Christmas.

Make plans with your family to see which of these possible firework traditions will stand out the next time everyone celebrates Christmas together. Stop by a fireworks store to find the right fireworks for your celebration.