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Entertaining Young Children

3 Vinyl Record Design Features Found On Horror Soundtracks

Rhonda Gardner

The world of horror movies is filled with all kinds of trends and tropes that have gone from movie to movie over the years. The same elements also extend to releases of vinyl records. As you shop for horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections, you will come across some signature design themes among the records.

Each element helps add to the visual of the record and creates a fun display for your home.

1. Splattered Records

The standard black records use carbon powder to create the dark design, but many records create a unique splattered look using a wide array of colors. The splattered look includes a variety of dyes that are dripped over the record before the plastic is pressed.

For horror movie soundtracks, the splattered color is almost always a blood red. A red splatter fits the horror genre nicely, especially for vinyl soundtracks that have been released from slasher movie franchises. Each splatter design is unique, giving you a great piece of artwork that differs from others. Purchase multiple horror discs and display all the pattern designs together in a nice wall piece.

2. Glow-In-the-Dark Records

Glow-in-the-dark paint has been used for years in the horror world. T-Shirts, posters, and horror toys have all used the slight glow to create an eerie effect. The same trend has also spilled over to horror vinyl collections. You can find several discs that feature glow-in-the-dark materials. On some releases, the whole disc will glow. On others, the movie's title will glow. Sometimes, the vinyl record slip-case will also feature glow-in-the-dark elements. In a low-lit room, the records glow and add a fun effect anytime you decide to play some music. 

3. Hand-Drawn Artwork

Instead of just slapping on the original movie poster, a lot of horror movie creators have gone above and beyond to present exclusive hand-drawn artwork for the vinyl release. The artwork could appear on the cover or the record itself. With the artwork, you can enjoy a whole new look at your favorite horror movie characters and villains. Some releases include multiple covers and versions of artwork. Record companies may release limited runs featuring exclusive art. The artwork is ideal for displaying. Hang up a small edged shelf and display the records right on the shelf.

As you shop, check out all the design options and build your horror vinyl collection with these themes and design elements in mind.