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Entertaining Young Children

Although it might seem simple to keep kids happy and entertained, the process is a lot more difficult than most people realize. I started thinking more seriously about going through and entertaining the kids in my house, and it occurred to me that we could do better. I began carefully considering all of the different aspects of entertainment, and I was really surprised with how many options were out there. I wanted to start a new website that looked at entertainment from a parenting perspective. Check out these posts to find out how you can keep your kids happy without compromising their intelligence.


Entertaining Young Children

Tips For Selecting A Movie To Watch With The Whole Family

Rhonda Gardner

If you have family visiting during the holidays, there is one thing that you may dread more than talking politics over dinner. Selecting a movie to watch together as a family can lead to browsing endlessly and never making a decision that everyone is happy with. Here are some tips for finding the best movies to watch as a family.

Consider What's Trending

Your streaming service likely has a section that shows the current movies that are trending around the country. This means that the movie is very popular with others and will likely be popular with your family as well. Try browsing the trending list first, since it may include some of the best movies that are new to the service, so it is possible that nobody else has seen them before.

Watch A Classic

Sometimes people are so focused on finding the best new movie to watch that they don't consider all of the classic movies that are out there. Think about rewatching a favorite movie that you either grew up watching as a kid or an all-time classic that you know will be good. Even if you're all watching the movie again, it will definitely be worth your time if the movie is as good as you remember it was.

Narrow Down A Genre

Still stuck on a movie? Try narrowing down the genre of movie that you want to watch. Are people in the mood to laugh, or do they want to watch a Christmas movie to fit the holiday season? This can help narrow down the category and get rid of a lot of those movies that nobody is interested in watching at the time. 

Consider A Series

Some of the best movies are part of a series where there are sequels. If you pick the first movie to watch in the series, and everyone enjoys it, you'll have an easier time picking a movie the next night since you can immediately jump to the next movie in the series. 

Trust The Review Scores 

If you can't make a decision based on personal preference, then make it based on the review scores. If a movie has a very high percentage of good reviews, then you know there is a high chance that everyone will like it. You can use this to either quickly eliminate some bad movies, or use it to narrow down your top two or three to pick from.

For more tips on finding the best movies on Netflix and other movie streaming sites, check out local entertainment magazines.