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Entertaining Young Children

Why You Should Choose An Escape Room For Your Next Company Outing

Rhonda Gardner

If you are planning a company outing, whether it is for your whole small business or just a team or two in a larger business, you have a lot of options to choose from for your outing and activities. One option you might not have considered previously is escape rooms. 

Escape rooms are also sometimes known as puzzle rooms. They are designed so that the people get locked in the room and have a set amount of time to find clues and solve a puzzle to get out of (escape) the room. There may be one room or a series of rooms in the game depending on how elaborate the setup is. Before you decide whether an escape room is a good option for your company outing, learn some of the reasons you should choose an escape room. Then, you can best decide if this is a good option for you. 

Escape Rooms Require Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is an important skill no matter what field of work your employees and team are in. From customer service to accounting and everything in between, there are always challenging problems to be solved. 

Escape rooms help people to hone and use those problem-solving skills creatively and in unique ways. If you want to build a team of people who can think on their feet and solve complex problems on their own, then you should definitely take them to an escape room. The process will be a good way to see who excels in these areas and who could use some extra support along the way, which will build the whole team up. 

Escape Rooms Involve High-Pressure Scenarios

Generally, every escape room or set of escape rooms has a theme. Sometimes, it is something like the zombie apocalypse and the race to find a cure. Others are equally as creative and interesting. All, though, involve high-pressure scenarios. The idea is to make people think fast and think on their feet in the moment.

The adrenaline rush paired with the pressure to perform can be very beneficial for company outings. While these scenarios do not exactly mimic what might happen in your business as far as high-pressure scenarios go, the type of reactions you are hoping to cultivate in your employees are the same, thinking clearly and rationally on their feet in spite of mounting pressure.

Escape Rooms Require Teamwork and Cooperation

The idea of an escape room is not to compete with the other people in the room with you. Instead, the goal is to work together and cooperate to collectively solve the puzzles given to you. As such, an escape room can be a great team-building exercise to get your employees to embrace one another's talents and skills and work together to solve a big problem. 

Escape Rooms Are a Whole Lot of Fun

Finally, when you take your employees on an outing, you want them to have fun and to be engaged with the activity. Escape rooms are a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. They will remember the outing long after the day of the trip and will likely not even realize that the purpose of the outing was to improve and work on certain important business skills. 

With these reasons to choose an escape room for your next company in mind, you can be sure that you book your escape room excursion as soon as possible.