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3 Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained on a Road Trip

As soon as warm weather hits and the cold and snow is long gone, many people enjoy hitting the road. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), 35 percent of Americans planned to take vacations that are at least 50 miles away from home in 2017. Family road trips, visiting national parks, and going to theme parks are some of the most popular types of family vacations.

If you're on the road with the family and are looking for something to do, here are three ways to keep your family entertained on a road trip.

Listen to Live Talk Radio 

No matter what type of politics you and your family are into, you're bound to find a live talk radio program that goes along with your political beliefs. If you really want to be entertained, listen to a program that has the opposite political beliefs as you. If your family is not into politics or your family members don't all hold the same political beliefs, you probably want to avoid a huge debate. Good news: there are many other types of live talk radio to choose from in most markets. Some examples include live talk radio shows that are dedicated to religion, music, movie reviews, and sports.

Play Driving Games 

It's true that people still play driving games while on the road. This is something you can do with whoever is sitting in the passenger seat, but it can be even more fun if you get the whole family to play along. Some of the most popular driving games include these:

  • The license plate game - see how many different states' license plates you can spot
  • The geography game - one person names a geographical location and the next person has the come up with another location with the last letter of the previous answer
  • Slug bug - keep an eye out for Volkswagen Beetles, and whoever spots one first gets to punch the person sitting next to them (nicely, of course)

If you're on a boring stretch of road, these driving games can make your trip go by a little faster.

Listen to an Audio Book

If you love books but just can't find the time to actually read one, listening to the audio version is the next best thing. Audio books have become extremely popular, and driving in the car is the second most popular time to listen to one. In fact, 32% of audio book listening is done while in the car. Because nearly every book nowadays has an audio version, you're bound to find something the entire family can listen to.

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